Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I have an Idea......just for the Liberals....

Let's just say, after we win back the Congress next year, that we propose an Amendment to authorize the Democrats to have California and Massachusetts as their own little Socialist Nations.
Think about it for a second, they are already the most screaming Liberal states we have now. And both are in abysmal shape morally and financially, so let's let them have both!
It would get them OUT of our business and stop them from forcing their Liberal views and Political Correct Bullshit on the rest of us.
The would have their own economies, which they setup ANY way they want.......with NO help from the rest of us. They can grow their own sprouts to eat, never ever wear fur and loot any business they choose!
I haven't figured out who exactly would cover their Welfare system since Republicans do it now, but they can find SOMETHING to over-tax.
Imagine the utopia they would have, having their own little Demi-Gods in total control and they wouldn't have to worry about a thing!
No War, no privacy, just peaceful co-existence with the flowers and birdies!! They can murder babies at will. Save every animal on their "planet" becuase they refuse to eat anything that moves. Smoking pot freely 24/7 will really "stimulate" that economy! Oh, but they wouldn't be able to sell it here. An electrified 20 ft wall will keep us all safe from them "illegally" immigrating to our nation.
Not only would that be Utopia for them, it would be so for us as well! Our Welfare rolls would drop by 90%, no more babies would be freely murdered, there would be nore more riots when they needed new TV's. Imagine the peace WE would see!
Let them finally know what it is like to have to work, pay taxes and support the laziest of thier own kind. I am not too sure how they can sustain themselves, since they are leeches now and they would have no one to support them anymore.
But, it'a a really nice Dream for us, isn't it?
Maybe the Tea Parties today are the crucial first step to finally realize that dream.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's all in the MONEY!!!!!

Bottom line.....Republicans are the ones that keep this economy going. Without our tax dollars, Osama's Socialism cannot prevail! Democrats want and need our money so they can continue to suck off of our Society.
Let me ask you this. If every Republican refused to pay their taxes, would they throw us all into jail? I don't think so!!
All we have to do is the Geithner was all TurboTax's fault. What could they do? If we are all in jail, who would be working and paying taxes to this manac and the lazy Democrats who so love our money but refuse to work?
Tomorrow is Tax all of us who support this nation as it was founded. It is eing led in a direction that is SO contrary to what it's supposed to be, that we must do something.
File extensions......keep filing them. Do not send Osama any of our money. Without our money he is powerless!
When he is Impeached or the election is vacated because of his Kenyan Heritage....and a new election is called.......THEN send in taxes owed. NOT BEFORE!!!
We can strangel the Liberals with what they crave most....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's see what the Numbers say.....

Here's a shocker!! FoxNews is once again the Top of the Cable News ratings!!

THU., MARCH 26, 2009

FOXNEWS BECK 2,374,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,888,000
CNNHN GRACE 1,300,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,208,000
CNN KING 1,144,000
CNN COOPER 1,118,000

The worst rated show on FoxNews STILL beats Olbermann by 500,000 viewers!!!
I wonder if he'll get the hint one day and just quit. Then he a Chris Matthews can masturbate to their Osama dolls together all day!!

Hey Kieth.....ever wonder what it's like to actually have viewers? Ask any of the FoxNews people. They are actual JOURNALISTS and not just Spank-Masters for the DNC.....

Learn something from them!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The REAL problem with Democrats....

As I read daily about the downward spiral Osama is forcing on our nation, I realize one trait that seems to run through the entire DNC. Denial.
Every Democrat Talking Head on TV and in print knows that our nation is being systematically flushed down the Socialist toilet, but they refuse to admit it. They think that if they spew enough Pelosi spawned garbage, that the rest of us will simply follow suit.
What they fail to realize, is that the rest of us are actually rational thinking AMERICANS who put our nation above the Demi-Gods as they do. If you look at all the recent Democratic nominees or elected, they are shown on pedestals as Gods.
The DNC hierarchy decrees to their followers on who they should adore, and they do. Like Lemmings to the Sea. If I try to engage a Democrat as to Osama and his past and policies all I ever hear is Bush this, or Republicans that.
Not one democrat can or will successfully defend these Socialist policies by a known Terrorist and criminal.
And it is truly a shame that from this day forward, the DNC can never nominate another black person for higher office. ACORN fraud and racism are what got Osama elected in the first place. Don't think for a second we all don't see that.
Now, Dems will read this and call me a racist, I am not. If Condoleeza Rice ran tomorrow, I would vote for her. Without hesitation. She is AMERICAN first, and a law-abiding, trustworthy person...without race or gender even coming into the equation.
If Democrats would finally learn that Honesty and Fortitude are the 2 most important aspects of what we need as a President, then they might succeed one day. But they will continually choose and support someone they feel they can show in the MSM as a God.....a Saviour, and that's wrong for this nation.
WE WILL win back the Congress in 2010....not for selfish reasons as the Democrats have....but for the Salvation of our Nation.
I want to be there to see Pelosi's face when all of her "Powers" are stripped from her and she has to actually work and earn her lifestyle. She feels as though she is President and the sad fact is, is that she has more power right now than Osama does.
She says Jump, and he says "How high?"
Sad, but oh so true....

Friday, March 20, 2009

I can't keep up with the Democratic Criminals

I know I haven't posted here in forever....there is so much happening in the news, its imposible to keep track.
I am a News Junkie and read alot of different sources. Not to fear, MSNBC and CNN are definitely NOT on the list...LOL!! FoxNews and Drudge are the best I know of for the Truth.
The Truth is, is that we, the citizens of the United States of America, need to pressure the FBI and IRS to initiate a full and complete investigation of the DNC under the RICO Statutes.
The RICO Statutes? Yes. If you look at the number of Democrats indicted or involved in crimes against the people and Constitution of the US, in the past 2 months, it's obvious that this is an organized and planned conspiracy.
If you look at the RICO statutes, (, it's obvious if you put all these crimes together, that it's clearly a case of a corrupt organization committing these acts.
I find it very hard to believe that all of these Democrats just "happened" to commit all of these similar crimes at the same time. I honestly feel that the leadership of the DNC actually trains their followers to commit these crimes, and has them believing they aren't against the law.
Isn't it odd that all of these crimes are coming out in just the first 2 months of the Osama admininstration?
People are finally fed up with these criminals in Washington, and the MSM is faing in every aspect of the term Journalism. All of the Liberal Rags and Voices, either print or online, are failing because no one wants to read or see the same old "Blame Bush" crap that we're hearing.
Our nation's major problems didn't begin until AFTER the Democrats gained control of Congress.
But the average Democrat on the stree is so indocrinated to hate everything that isn't in their handbook, that they cannot see the Truth.
If you ask a Democrat why Dodd commits his crimes, they blame Bush. Ask about Clinton's Perjury, they blame Republicans. On and on and on......same thing. Blame someone else.
I hope that all Real Americans will pressure their elected leaders to mount this investigation. For the good of our nation, and the safety of our people.
Osama will NOT keep us safe, he is too busy with DNC damage control right now....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama's Lies about earmarks, and the Socialist Truth....

Obama emphatically stated in the campaign, that he would go line by line of any bill and reject ALL earmarks....
He NEVER read the "Porkulus" bill, yet signed it with all it's earmarks.
9000 earmarks in the Omnibus bill, and Obama is going to sign it without reading that one either.
Pelosi ordered him to do so, so he will!
Somehow, Democrats will blame Bush for more Obama LIES.
Why can't Democrats ever just tell the Truth?
Obama is a Socialist, period.
Obama is nothing more than a puppet for Pelosi, period.
Obama doesn't care about Americans, period.
The only people who will benefit from this administration are Blacks, so they will continue to pump out dozens of children with many partners, get their gold teeth and $200 sneakers, steal Escalades to emulate their Rap Heroes, and continue to commit crimes at will.
Obama wants the US to be a Welfare state so he and Pelosi can control all of our lives for years to come.
When will Democrats ever actually want the Truth from their Programmers?
That's the major difference between Democrats and Republicans.
Democrats NEED a Demi-God, Hollywood-type, actual LEADER. They cannot think for themselves.
Republicans listen to many voices, but we do not require one "leader" to tell us how to think. We do not place one person on a a Kennedy, Clinton, Osama......and then rely on that person to decide our lives for us.
Democrats should learn to look at the FACTS, think about the TRUTHS, and then decide for themselves, not just what Pelosi tells them to think.
Case in point. The term Global Warming, the farce that it is, was completely unknown until Algore's failed political career.
All of a sudden it is crucial for the Earth's survival simply because Algore spoke those words.
It has been proven with FACT to be false, but since the Goracle said it, it is Gospel.
Think about what you are doing Democrats. You are destroying this nation.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Democrats are just LAZY!!!

Why aren't Democrats defending their Socialist Party views?
Every time they are confronted with the truth, they somehow blame Bush.
I know they are trained to do that, but it gets old fast.
Bottom line, Democrats are lazy. They expect us, the Republicans who work and actually pay taxes, to pay for them so they can continue NOT working and avoiding taxes.
That's the whole mess in a nutshell.
We don't need facts and figures to see that, just listen to a Democrat for 5 minutes. They never talk about how hard they work and how much they pay in taxes, mainly because they do not do either.
All you ever hear a Democrat whine about is how they don't have what Republicans have, but they should be entitled to the same without earning it.